World most expensive divorce: Di world richest man don agree for $35bn divorce

Amazon oga Jeff Bezos and im wife MacKenzie Bezos Image copyright Reuters
Image example Jeff Bezos and im wife Mackenzie tok say dem enjoy great life togeda

Di world richest man, wey be di founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, and im wife MacKenzie don agree for record-breaking divorce settlement of at least $35bn (£27bn).

Im wife Mackenzie go keep 4% stake of di online retail business, wey worth $35.6bn on e own.

Jeff Bezos found Amazon for Seattle for 1994, one year afta di couple marry and Mrs Bezos dey among one of im first worker.

Two of dem don even tweet positive comment about each oda as di news of dia settlement come out.

Di two of dem no provide any more informate about di financial details of dia settlement.

According to Forbes, Amazon shares alone go make Mrs Bezos di world third-richest woman while Jeff go remain di world richest pesin.

Jeff Bezos, wey be 55 years old, and MacKenzie, wey be 48 marry for 1993 and born four children.

Mrs Bezos tweet na her first and only one since she join di microblogging website dis month. For dia she tok say she dey "grateful to finish di process of scattering my marriage to Jeff wit support from each oda".

Mr Bezos tweet say: "I'm so grateful to all my friends and family for dem to reach out to me wit encouragement and love... MacKenzie most of all."

Di tweet conclude wit: "She dey resourceful and brilliant and loving, and as our futures dey go, I know say I go always dey learn from her."

Before di settlement, Mr Bezos get 16.3% stake for Amazon. E go retain 75% of dat holding but Mrs Bezos don transfer all of her voting rights to her former husband.

She go also give up her interests for di Washington Post newspaper and Mr Bezos space travel firm Blue Origin.

Amazon na big online retail business now. Last year, dem generate sale of $232.8bn and dis don help Mr Bezos and im family gada plenti money of $131bn, according to Forbes magazine.

Ms Bezos na successful novelist wey don write two books -Di Testing of Luther Albright and Traps.

Report say Mr Bezos is dey in a relationship wit former Fox TV host Lauren Sánchez.

Afta Mr Bezos and im wife announce for January say dem wan go dia seperate ways, one US tabloid magazine publish informate wey include private messages, of extramarital affair wit Ms Sánchez.

Mr Bezos accuse di publisher of di magazine, American Media Incorporated, of blackmail. Di publisher denies di claim.

Di divorce deal big pass di $3.8bn record wey art dealer Alec Wildenstein and im wife Jocelyn set for 1999.

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