Di foods wey dey kill one in five pipo everi year

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One ogbonge study don show sey di food wey humans dey chop dey kill us everi year.

Di analysis wey sabi pipo Lancet publish, show say di food wey we dey chop everyday dey kill pass smoking and e dey cause one in five deaths around di world.

Sabi pipo say di study no be about those wey fat but na poor food plan dey damage di heart and dey cause cancer.

So which food plan get wahala?

Do Global Burden of Disease study show things wey different kontri dey chop to show how wetin dem dey eat dey shorten dia lives.

Di diet wey dangerous get:

1. Too much salt - three million deaths

2. Small grains - three million deaths

3. Too little fruit - two million deaths

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Dem say pipo no dey chop enof small nuts, seeds, vegetabes and fibre.

Professor Christopher Murray wey be director of di Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation wey dey University of Washington, tell BBC say dem discover say diet na ogbonge part of health around di world.

How e dey kill pipo?

Around 10 million of di 11 million deaths wey dey related to diet na because of cardiovascular disease and e explain why salt na di problem.

Too much salt dey raise blood pressure and fit increase di chance for pesin to get heart attack and stroke.

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Salt fit also directly affect pesin heart and blood vessles wey go come lead to heart failure wen di organs no go work well.

Whole grains, fruits and vegetables dey do di opposite as dem be "cardioprotective" dey lower risk of heart problems.

Na Cancers and type 2 diabetes make up di rest of di deaths wey come from diet.

Wia di world dey wen it comes to perfect diet

No kontri perfect and some favour some part of di healthy diet more dan others, but dis na how far di world don come to correct diet.

Nuts and seeds again?

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Image example Nuts dey very healthy

Di study show say healthy foods wey miss from most diets around di world na nuts and seeds.

Professor Nita Forouhi of University of Cambridge tok say pipo tink say dem go make pesin fat but dem get good fat.

Any advice?

Professor Murray tok say correct diet mata no mata di weight pesin of pesin.

Im add say di koko na for pipo to increase dia whole grains, fruit, nuts, seeds and vegetable and reduce salt.

But moni also dey important.

Professor Forouhi warn say di public fit make healthier choices if dem dey informed and say cheap options wey dey healthy dey important.

Dem both agree say shift dey important from nutrients to di actual food wey pipo dey chop.

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