Aliko Dangote tori move me to go withdraw my 42,000 naira profit - Kano resident

Habib Muazu for im business premises

One young businessman for Kano, north west Nigeria Habib Muazu, don copy di richest man for Africa Aliko Dangote, withdraw im N42,000 profit wey im don make for im four months Agric business.

According to Muazu, Dangote na im role model since before e start business and na dis one make am dey follow any step wey Dangote take so that one day e go be like am.

Dis wan na afta one video go viral wey show Dangote dey chat with anoda African billionaire Mo Ibrahim say after e make im first 12 to 13 billion, e go bank go withdraw 10million usd, carry am go house, put am on top bed, just dey look am until di next day wey e carry am go back bank just convince imself say e dey rich.

Na so Habib too follow, do copy-copy.

"Afta I watch di video on Saturday, like play I tell my friend say I dey go withdraw the 42k wey I don make so far, not to spend but put am on top bed, look am till di next day before I carry am go back bank and na wetin I do."

"Why I do dis tin na just because I wan get dat feeling say I dey go somewhere and dis na di beginning. Anything wey Dangote do I go like do because na my role model and I pray say one day I become like am."

Image example Habib Muazu Agric business na just four months old but im hope to become like Dangote one day.

On how im agribusiness dey perform so far, di Kano State University graduate yan say na months ago e start and di business don dey grow wella.

"I thank God say di business dey grow well, since wey I dey school I prefer business to normal nine - five job and I pray say my business go continue to grow."

Since after Dangote chat with Mo Ibrahim go viral for social media, many pipo just dey tok about am especially after e mention say e no dey carry single dollar as e down so even though na im rich pass for di whole Africa.

Image example Habib Muazu for im business premises

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