Omar al-Bashir: Di rise and fall of Sudan longest-serving ruler

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Omar al-Bashir nearly 30 years reign for Sudan end di same way e start through military coup.

For public TV announcement, di kontri defence minister, Awad Ibn Ouf, confam say dem don remove al-Bashir from office and declare transitional military council wey go dey in charge for two years, followed by elections.

Im also declare state of emergency for three months, and say curfew go last for one month.

Oga Awad Ibn Ouf say dem don arrest Bashir and dem dey hold am for "safe place".

Decades of war

Al-Bashir's was a political career defined by war.

Di former Sudan president enta power for 1989, im rule one of Africa largest country until 2011- di year wey South Sudan break out with iron hand.

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Image example Oga Bashir dey face serious accuse of crimes against humanity by ICC

When im takeover power, Di north and south bin dey fight 21-year civil war for Sudan.

Although im goment sign one deal to end di fight-fight for 2005, anoda fight-fight begin again for di western region of Darfur, wia International Criminal

Court (ICC) accuse President Bashir of organising war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Im get two international arrest warrant against am, for 2009 and 2010. Im don deny di accuse dem.

ICC charges dem against Omar al-Bashir


  • Kill-kill of members of Fur, Masalit and Zaghawa ethnic group dem
  • Cause di group dem serious bodily or mental harm
  • Inflicting conditions of life calculated to bring about these groups' physical destruction

Crimes against humanity

  • Murder
  • Extermination
  • Forcible transfer
  • Rape
  • Torture

War crimes

  • Attacks on civilian dem for Darfur
  • Pillaging towns and villages

Military mentality

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Image example Oga Bashir join Egypt army wen im dey young

Dem born oga Bashir for 1944, im family na farmers from northern Sudan, wey bin dey part of Egypt Kingdom. Im na member of Al-Bedairyya Al-Dahmashyya, di Bedouin tribe.

Im join Egypt army wen im dey young and grow through di ranks, im fight di 1973 war against Israel.

Di former leader no dey really share informate about im personal life. Tori be say im no get children and im marry second wife wen im dey im 50s. Im marry di widow of Ibrahim Shams al-Din, one war hero for north.

As head of state im no take nonsense-from di two oda pipo wey epp am rule.

Di first one wey im get wahala with na Hassan al-Turabi, one popular Sunni Muslim for 1990s wey before im die for 2016 bin dey push for Islamic state im even sponsor bill wey introduce Sharia law to all provinces but not for di South.

After dem fall out for 2000, oga Turabi tell BBC say: Presido Bashir na military person wey don dey power for a while and im dey like use im military power well-well."

Den Osman Ali Taha, wey be politician wey help make di north-south deal happun, but afta dat deal im influence start to reduce and di president continue to take centre stage.

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