Sudan coup leader Awad Ibn Auf don step down

Ibn Ouf Image copyright AFP
Image example Ibn Auf step down one day after e become Sudan military leader

Di head of Sudan military council don step down one day afta e lead coup wey remove long time leader Omar al-Bashir.

Defence Minister Awad Ibn Auf announce im decision ontop state TV, wia im name Lt-Gen Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman Burhan as di pesin wey go replace am.

Di army don tok say dem go dey power for two years, during which time dem go organise elections.

But protest leaders say dem no go comot street until di military hand over to civilian goment.

Oga Bashir downfall dey come afta months of protest and I-no-go-gree wey start for December 2018 ontop food and petrol wey cost.

Ibn Auf na im be head of military intelligence during di Darfur conflict for di 2000s. US nack sanctions ontop im head for 2007.

Di new man wey dey in charge now na also top military pesin, but tori pipo Associated Press dey report say im hand clean pass di oda Sudan generals.

Tori be say im don even already follow meet wit protesters to hear dia side.

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Image example Demonstrators no comot for street for Khartoum but dey dia overnight

Protesters bin celebrate wen Ibn Awuf announce say im go step down but di Sudan Professionals Association, wey dey lead di demonstrations, later announce say dia protest for front of army headquarters go kontinu until di military do wetin dem want - wey be to get civilian rule now now.

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