Atiku na from Cameroon, no be Nigerian - APC

Atiku Abubakar Image copyright Getty Images

Nigeria ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) say di opposition People's Democratic Party presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar no be Nigerian.

According to APC, because of dis, di petition wey Atiku file for di election tribunal get K-leg as e no be citizen of Nigeria but Cameroon.

Di party for dia reply to di tribunal say dem no born Atiku for Nigeria and therefore e no be citizen by birth and e no get any right for di first place to even contest election for di kontri.

INEC bin declare President Muhammadu Buhari winner of di presidential election wit 15,191,847 votes, to defeat im rival Atiku wey get 11,262,978 votes, but Atiku no gree come cari case go tribunal say na in win di election.

APC say available record show say dem born Atiku for November 26, 1946 for Jada Adamawa for Northern Cameroon and dat im papa Garba Atiku Abulkadir bin die for 1957.

Dem say during di colonial era, na Germany bin di control Cameroon and afta di World War 1 di kontri come divide, French di control one side while British di control di second half from Nigeria and dat na for 1961 na im Atiku side dem bin join Nigeria.

"We therefore maintain say all votes wey Atiku get for di election na wasted votes".

"But our candidate get correct votes and no mago mago for di election as no electronic video recording or newspaper reports don show any, APC tok for di petition.

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