Game of Thrones: Wetin you suppose sabi before you watch premiere of season 8

Maisie Williams

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Di premiere go fall on early Monday morning of 15 April for many parts of Africa

Di end don reach for di most popular TV show Game of Thrones but dis informate go prepare you wella for di premiere of di final season on 14 April.

Di HBO show wey don tortori million of fans all over di world go begin im 12-episode of season 8 on Sunday 14 April for US, although di premier go fall for early Monday morning for many parts of Africa.

Game Of Thrones na Emmy award-winning show, wia many families dey fight to command di throne for Westeros, and for US alone, e get 30m viewers.

Informate about di show don dey top secret since dem begin film di final season for October 2017. To prepare fans, we get informate about di main characters wey some fit don forget.

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Major Characters (we dey alive)

Jon Snow (Kit Harrington)

Adopted son of Ned Stark, Jon na di pesin wey don dey warn everyone about di White Walkers. Na di only pesin wey don die for di show and come back alive.

Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clark)

Mother of dragons, breaker of chains, she get very big dragons wey dey comot fire for mouth. She na di aunty to Jon Snow, although di two of dem neva know yet.

Cersei Lannister (Lena Heady)

Di woman wey currently dey ontop Iron Throne for Westeros, Cersei no dey take nonsense. She be one time wife to former King ontop Iron Throne and even two of her pikin don already siddon ontop di throne too.

She dey pregnant now, but we no sabi who di papa be.

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Di producers don say di show go born anoda show wey go focus on wetin happun many years before GoT

Jamie Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau)

Cersei twin brother. Im kerewa wit im sister don produce three pikin dem: Joffrey, Tommen and Myrcella. Dem cut im right hand, so now im dey manage fake hand.

Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage)

Im na dwarf wey be outcast for im family. E get plenty sense and right now im dey work as adviser to Daenerys.

Arya Stark (Maisie Williams)

Di last girl pikin for Stark family, Arya like to use sword fight - like her papa. After she take eye see how dem behead her papa, she go train to become assassin.

Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner)

Di big sister to Arya, Sansa don enta plenty trouble with men wey old pass am. Im don marry two times before - one time to Joffrey Baratheon, then to Tyrion Lannister and di oda time to Ramsay Bolton.

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Peter Dinklage don win many award for im work as Tyrion Lannister

Major Characters (wey don die)

Ned Stark (Sean Bean)

Di head of di House of Stark, Ned born five pikin (Bran, Rickon, Arya, Sansa, Robb) and (Jon Snow) wey im and im family tink say e born outside marriage. Dem cut im head comot for season 1.

Catelyn Stark (Michelle Fairley)

Di wife of Ned wey some close friends betray and kill for di Red Wedding back for Season 3.

Robb Stark (Richard Madden)

First born for Stark family, and King of di North during di War of di Five Kings for Seasons 2 and 3. Like im mama, dem kill am for Red Wedding wit im wife wey carry belle for am.

Rickon Stark (Art Parkinson)

Youngest boy pikin of Stark family. E no too dey show for di series but for Season 6 dem kill am wit arrow.

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Many fans don try to celebrate dia love for di show, like for dis park for Australia wia different statue and tins from di show dey dia

Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish (Aidan Gillen)

Baelish over-sense and cuni-cuni way na im lead am to im death last last. De dey directly and indirectly responsible for di deaths of Ned Stark and and many odas. But Arya Stark cut im throat for season 7 as Sansa and Jon Snow watch am die.

Joffrey Baratheon (Jack Gleeson)

Di first born pikin wey of Cersei and Jamie, Joffrey na di wicked child king wey many pipo wey dey watch di show happi wen e die from poison.

Major Characters (Undead)

Di Night King

Many thousand years ago, di Night King na real pesin before but now im dey command di White Walkers, wey be army of undead pipo. Di White Walkers no like fire, but prefer ice and cold tins.

Viserion (CGI)

Daenerys carry two dragons to go rescue Jon Snow for Season 7, but na only one come back. Dis na because di Night King kill one of di dragons, Viserion, wit spear wey im take ice do. Di Night King come bring am back to life in oda to use am dey transport imsef up and down.