Di only reason why Nigeria neva ready for electric car

  • Onyinye Chime
  • Broadcast Journalist, BBC News Pidgin
Dis na Sophie, Countess of Wessex Jaguar electric car

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Di bill for law wey go stop pipo for Nigeria to dey use petrol car by 2035 die immediately e touch ground for di kontri Senate on Wednesday and di reason no far at all.

Electric car mean say di car no go use fuel or diesel at all, e go operate wit only electricity.

Even as dis idea dey sound fine for ear, di koko of di mata na wia di electricity wan from come?

As e be now, Nigerians dey hardly sight light at all even to take on fan collect breeze. Some go dey wonda say dem neva see light to take watch TV, den wia dem wan from see electricity take move moto?

As e stand now, Nigeria electricity low pass low. According to Nigeria Electricity System Operator, electricity generating company dey generate average of 4,101 megawatt of electricity wey di whole of 180 million pipo go use par day.

Wia dis foto come from, Ben Murray Bruce

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Senator Bruce say im get electric car im dey use

Wit di condition wey di kontri dey now wit light mata, even if pipo decide to buy electric car, dem go still gatz to buy generator to take charge am.

E no end dia o, di generator go still need fuel or diesel to give am power.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

For Nigerians to use electric car, di kontri go need charging stations wey go generate electricity

Wetin bring mata of electric car for Nigeria?

During Wednesday plenary di senators fling di bill afta dem argue say e dey impossible for dem to force Nigerians to stop to dey use petrol car.

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce wey bin sponsor di bill witdraw am afta im colleagues reject am.

To buy electric car for Nigeria of today na to also buy big generator join am becos, no light to take carge di moto.

To buy generator mean say you go need fuel or product sha from crude oil to take on di generator.

So, if you gatz buy fuel to on generator to recharge your electric car, what if you just kuku but moto wey dey use fuel or diesel anyway?