'Giant lion' bin waka for Africa

Dis na "Simbakubwa kutokaadfrika" meaning "big Africa lion2 for Swahili.

Wia dis foto come from, AFP

Sabi pipo don discover one new specie of animal afta dem investigate di bone wey dem keep for one drawer for Kenya museum for many many years.

Dis animal wey dem call "Simbakubwa kutokaadfrika" meaning "big Africa lion for Swahili, bin waka for East Africa about 20 million years ago.

Di big animal wey don disappear from earth dey for group of animals wey dem dey call hyaenodonts.

Dem call dem hyaenodonts sake of dia teeth resemble dat of hyena wey we sabi today. According to National Geographic report, na dem bi di main flesh eaters more dan 20million years ago.

But dem no relate to hyena.

Wia dis foto come from, Mathew Borths/Nancy Stevens

"Based on im big teeth, Simbakubwa bin be hyper-special flesh eater wey bin big wella pass lion as we know am today and e fit even big pass polar bear," na so AFP tori pipo tok say sabi pesin Mathew Borths bin tell dem.

Im bin dey do research for Nairobi National Museum for 2013 wen im ask dem to allow am look some of di bones wey dey bin label as "hyenas," National Geographic tok.

Dey bin put im jaw plus oda bones and teeth dia afta dem find am wia dem bin dey dig ground for west of Kenya for 1970s.

Borth bin do collabo wit anoda sabi pesin Nancy Stevens, and for 2017, dem begin analyse di bone wey bin look unusual.

All di tins wey dem discover dey report am inside Journal for Vertebrate Paleontology dis week.