Walter Onnoghen: SERAP want CCB to bring details of asset declaration of presido, govs since 1999

Suspended Chief Justice of Nigeria Walter Onnoghen

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Di Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) don send Freedom of Information request go give di Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) and give dem 14 days to provide informate of asset declarations of past presidents and state governors since 1999.

SERAP tok dis one for di statement wen dem also put for dia twitter handle afta Code of Conduct Tribunal judge say di kontri suspended Chief Justice, Walter Onnoghen dey guilty.

"As we welcome di judgment by di CCT ontop Justice Walter Onnoghen mata, we want di CCB to use dia power to make sure say public officers declare dia asset and to seriously carry any officers wey dey guilty go court."

"We go dey grateful if una provide di request information give us within 14 days wey una receive dis letter/publication. If we we no hear from una then, SERAP go take legal action according to di law under di FOI to force una to cooperate wit our request."

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SERAP say dem want to see details of asset declarations from former presidents and state governors between 1999 --2019, including details of declarations wey dem make immediately afta dem take offices plus afta dat, and for those wey don comot from public offices.

Dem also want Informate on top di number of asset declaration wey code of conduct Bureau (CCB) don verify so far and di number of those declaration wey dem find out to be false and wey di bureau feel say breach di Code of Conduct for Public Officers.

Di accountability group say dem dey concern say many politicians use di excuse of say pipo for public no go fit see dia asset declarations, dey make false declarations, and cover up assets wey dem buy illegally.

According to dem, if di bureau publish asset declarations of elected officers since di return of democracy for 1999 come reach now, e go make pipo for public get trust say di Bureau dey do dia work wella.

E go also put pressure for public officers like presidents and state governors to make public declaration of dia assets on dia own.

SERAP advise CCB to use di opportunity wey Onnoghen judgment give dem to increase di accountability of politicians, if dem no want make pipo no accuse dem say dem dey attack di judiciary.

Oga Onnoghen tok say im go challenge di CCT judgement for Appeal court.