Church wall collapse kill 13 worshipers for South Africa

Inside the collapsed church

Wia dis foto come from, KZN EMS/ Arrive Alive

Wetin we call dis foto,

Local tori pipo say some pipo bin dey sleep wen di wall collapse

At least 13 pipo don die and many oda wunjure afta one church collapse for South Africa.

Church members bin dey attend service to celebrate Easter weekend wen one wall collapse kill worshippers dem inside.

Emergency service say dem rush 29 pipo wey get minor and serious injury go hospital.

Goment officials for di coastal province of KwaZulu Natal area don confam say true-true di tin happun and dem say heavy rain wey fall around Empangeni area fit be di reason why some part of Pentecostal church collapse.

Police tok-tok pesin for KwaZulu Natal Colonel Thembeka Mbele say heavy rain wey carry strong breeze fall well-well on Thursday.

Local tori pipo dey report say some pipo bin dey sleep wen di brick wall fall.

Political leaders including di provincial Premier Willies Mchunu don tell di family dem of di pipo wey die sorry.