President George Weah don run comot from office because of snakes

Liberian President George Weah at a press conference, April 2018

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President George Weah go return to im office on Monday

Dem don see snakes inside di office of Liberian President George Weah, wey don force am to work from im private house, di BBC don find out.

Press secretary Smith Toby tell di BBC on Wednesday say dem see two black snakes for di foreign affairs ministry building, wey be di site of di official office.

Dem don tell all staff say make dem no come to work inside di building until 22 April.

"Na just to make say fumigation don chase di crawling and creeping tins comot from di building," oga Toby tok.

"Di Ministry of Foreign Affairs na im dey host di office of di president, so dem do internal memo to ask di staff to stay for house while dem do di fumigation," im tok.

"Dem neva kills di snakes," oga Toby tok. "Na one small hole somewhere dem use enta to escape."

Dis no be di first time - at least for Africa - wey unwanted animal dem force di head of state to abandon im office.

For 2017, following office fumigation wey cost Nigerian taxpayers $5,500, president Muhammadu Buhari refuse to work for im office afta dem see rat inside. Before dat time, oga Muhammadu Buhari bin don dey United Kingdom tey tey wia im go for treatment.

Weda or not dem find or kill di snakes, Weah go return by Monday

Pipo see police and presidential security tanda dey protect di personal house of oga Weah for di capital Monrovia.

Oga Toby say di Ministry of Foreign Affairs don begin to fumigate on Friday.

"Dat building don dey dia for years now, and [because of] di drainage system, di possibility say tins like snakes dey inside dey high," im tok.

Do president go definitely return to im official office on Monday afta di fumigation weda or not dem find and kill di snakes, according to oga Toby.