Sudan crisis: Omar al-Bashir bin keep $130m cash for house

Omar al-Bashir

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Afta dem find money wey reach 130 million dollars for im house, Sudan public prosecutor don launch investigation against ex-President Omar al-Bashir on charges of magomago.

Dis informate dey come from di kontri public prosecutor wey follow BBC Arabic tok.

Di anti-corruption committee wey di military council set up, say security services see euros, dollars and Sudanese pounds wey reach more than 130 million US dollars for di former leader house.

Even wit dis development, many of di demonstrators still no get full trust for di military leadership to bring changes, according to how BBC tori pesin Alastair Leithead wey dey Khartoum see di mata.

On Saturday, 20 April di general public prosecutor announce say Omar al-Bashir dey under investigation for illegal possession of big moni.

But di protestors no dey convinced.

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Many Sudan women follow for di protest wey dey happun, for here dem dey rejoice afta military coup comot al-Bashir

Pipo still dey gada for di centre of Khartoum, to send strong message to di military say dem want dia civilian goment now.

Di military don dey announce small small changes but strong proof no dey say dem go deliver wetin dem don promise. For instance, military don announce say oga al Bashir dey prison now, nobody don see photo to prove say true true e dey dia.

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Di Sudanese Professionals Association wey dey organise di protest don threaten to announce dia civilian goment on Sunday, 21 April

Also none of di generals don give response to demand from di pipo say make dem hand over to civilian administration.

Di organisers of di protest don pledge say if di military no ansa dem, on Sunday dem go announce names of pipo wey go dey inside di civilian council by demsef.