Atali Elimgbu community: Nigeria Police say na self-defence dia officer take 'kill' youth for Port Harcourt

Nigeria Police

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Atali community for Elimgbu area of Rivers State dey for mourning, as dem dey accuse Nigeria Police say dem kill one youth on Thursday.

Barrister Vincent Uche wey be son of di traditional ruler of di community, tell BBC Pidgin say police first stab one youth die, wey come make odas ginger go police station. Im say wen dem reach dia, police open fire on dem, wey land odas for hospital.

Nigeria Police say di pesin wey die, happun afta suspected cultists attack dia men wey go arrest. Police say na wen dem dey drag knife, e come chook di young man for belle.

One bad story, two sides

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Nigeria Police dey under fire say dem dey target innocent citizens

For press release by di Rivers State Police Command, di oga patapata Usman Belel say about 100 youths from Atali community break di fence of di Elimgbu Police Station, wia dem burn di apartment of one Sergeant Israel Sunday and destroy all di property wey dey inside.

"Di youths bin also wan burn di police station, if no be for re-enforcements wey land for dia," im tok.

Di police commissioner say di whole thing start wen officers wey dey investigate case of kidnapping, track di suspects go Atali commuity.

"Wen dem reach dia, dem arrest dia targets wey begin chant cult slogans wey attract dia oda members wey attack police.

"As dem dey drag, dem even use knife cut police and rescue those wey police don arrest.

"Police retreat go carri more officers come, and one of di cultists attack ASP Chukwuma Onuora wit knife, and as im wan stab am, di policeman defend imsef. As dem dey struggle wit di knife, e cut di young man for belle." Dat na wetin di police commissioner tok.

Wetin di community tok

Wia dis foto come from, Vincent Uche

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Di community say some pipo still dey hospital

"Some police officers bin carri keke go Atali say make one boy enta. Im no gree, say why dem go ask am to enta. In di process of di dragging, one police officer wey im name na Chinedu wey dey popular for di community, bring out dagger stab di boy."

Dat na how Vincent Uche wey from di community, take describe wetin start di kasala.

Im say na di incident na im make youths of di community, ginger go di Elimgbu police station.

"Di youths bin dey palace wen di traditional ruler dey tok to dem. But dem vex carri di boy deadi-bodi begin go police station.

"As police see dem dey come, na so dem begin shoot evriwia. Dem shoot two pipo, including one 13-years-old boy," im tok.

Im also add say di Chinedu wey be di policeman, dis no be di first time wey im dey stab pesin for di community.

Wia dis foto come from, Vincent Uche

Wetin we call dis foto,

Di youths of di community bin gada for di house of dia traditional ruler

"Di 13-years-old boy dey receive treatment for hospital wit three odas wey bullet hit. We neva know wetin go happun to dem, but di whole community dey sad."

Dis na di third time wey police dey "kill" young Nigerians recently. Di death of Kolade Johnson for Lagos and anoda woman for Ajegunle area of di state, still fresh for pipo head.

Di Inspector General of Police bin don draw ear give officers, say dem go begin hold di oga dem for police stations responsible for di killing of ordinary citizens.