Sudan crisis: Saudi Arabia and UAE wan use $3bn support di kontri

US Dollars

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One day after dem see $130m cash for ex-leader al-Bashir house, di kontri go receive money from abroad

Saudi Arabia and di United Arab Emirates don announce three billion dollars financial support for Sudan.

Di announcement come on Sunday, 21 April through di official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) but dem no say whether na dash money or na loan.

Di two oil kontris don promised to put $500 million of di money into di Sudanese central bank while di remaining $2.5 billion na for food, medicine and petroleum products.

Just one day before dis announcement, Sudanese authorities find money wey reach 130 million dollars cash for Omar al-Bashir house wey make di dem launch investigation against am on charges of mago-mago.

Recently, di kontri don get shortage of dollars wey affect di economy - part of wetin cause nationwide protest wey las las comot al-Bashir.

Di Sudanese pounds don go down since di United States comot dia 20-year-old trade embargo ontop di kontri for October 2017.

All di expectations say di end of di US sanctions go ginger di economy no happen as dem tink am, instead e put more pressure ontop dia local money.

Earlier today Sudan interim ruler Lt. Gen. Abdel Burhan say military council go respond to demand for civilian goment within one week after protestors bin reject dia 2-year plan to democracy.

Im also say dem go send team go America to try clear Sudan name as kontri wey dey sponsor terrorism.