Sudan crisis: Protesters don cut ties wit military council

Sudan protester

Wia dis foto come from, OZAN KOSE

Pipo wey dey lead protest for Sudan say dem don cut off di ruling military council wey replace Presido Omar al-Bashir wey dem remove.

Dem accuse di military council say e get "remnants" of oga Bashir regime.

Thousands of protesters don gada outside army HQ for Khartoum for meeting to announce civilian council wey dem want to take power.

Di military say dem really wan hand over power and go reason joint military-civilian council.

Di protest movement tok-tok pesin Mohamed al-Amin say now, dem don consider di military council as "part of di goment dem remove" and nack hand for chest say dia protests go even go up.

Wetin di protest leaders dey plan?

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Military say oga Bashir dey prison, but nobodi don see foto

Di campaign to remove oga Bashir na di Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) carri am for head and na dem dey behind di announcement of di civilian council.

Di SPA hold meeting wit di military on Saturday.

One senior SPA member, Ahmed al-Rabia, bin first say dat wan fit delay di council dem wan announce, but on Sunday im confam say di announcement go happun for di place dem dey protest for Khartoum.

Di protesters want dia new council to form transitional goment wey go lead to elections.

Wetin military go do?

Wia dis foto come from, Reuters

On Sunday dem say dem go respond to di call for civilian rule within one week, and say dem go like join-bodi of military and civilian goment.

Dem don release political prisoners and on Saturday dem arrest some top members of oga Bashir former ruling party.

Tho di military don promise not to remove protesters from wia dem siddon, dem don also ask dem to "let normal life resume".