Private IVF clinic no dey tell older women wey don pass 42 years di truth

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Join bodi wey dey torchlight fertility mata, Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) wey be organisation for UK, don warn say IVF clinics dey give older women hope to collect dia money.

Sally Cheshire, wey be di chairwoman of HFEA, tell tori pipo Daily Telegraph say some private clinics dey use "selective success rates" to target older women.

Di chance for IVF to dey successful as woman dey grow older dey small.

Since 2004 di number of women wey dey dia 40s for UK wey dey do fertility treatment don double to 10,835 for 2017.

Di HFEA new figure show say, among 2,265 women wey dey use dia own eggs, na just 75 of dem wey dey between di age of 42 to 43 go end up wit pikin.

For those wey don dey ova 44, dia chance to succeed dey lower - na just 1% between 2004 and 2017.

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For one interview, Cheshire tell BBC say some clinic no dey tell women di truth wen dem dey sell di treatment to dem.

She say make all clinics dey "honest and transparent" wit women about dia chances to succeed.

"Wetin di clinics no suppose to dey trade wit di women hope."

UK National Health Service (NHS) guidelines recommend say make dem dey offer women wey dey under 40 three full cycles of IVF, while those between 40 and 42 make dey offered dem one full cycle.

Dem no dey usually recommend IVF for women wey dey ova di age of 42 because of low success rates.

Wetin be In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)?

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  • Dem go remove egg from woman ovaries come fertilise am wit sperm inside laboratory
  • Dem go come return di egg wey dem fertilise to di woman womb so dat e go develop dia
  • Di first time wey IVF work na for 10 November 1977. On 25 July 1978, na im dem come born di world first IVF baby, Louise Brown.
  • On average, IVF dey fail 70% of di time
  • Di highest success rate na for women under 35
  • On average, e dey take almost four-and-a-half years to conceive wit IVF

Source of dis informate: Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority/Fertility Network UK

Cheshire tok say some of di private clinics dey use marketing tactics to convince women wey dey weak to do di treatment.

Madam Cheshire wey be 50-year-old say one staff wey no know say she dey work wit HFEA don bin offer her IVF treatment during her visit to one fertility show for Manchester.

"Now we dey see tins like 'baby na guarantee or your money back','' na so she tok.