Communication Minister: Na pipo weh wan destroy Cameroon sponsor EU parliament declaration

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Cameroon goment through don officially criticise European Union declaration, say na pipo weh deh wan destroy di kontri sponsor di resolutions.

European Union parliament for 11 point resolution say deh get shock as Cameroon nova lef UN for go Anglophone areas, say make goment do independent investigate for goment forces human rights violations and make deh free opposition MRC party leader and militants weh deh arrest for January.

Communication Minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi say "EU resolution bi one sided, get wrong information, and na pipo weh deh wan rule or destroy Cameroon sponsor de EU resolution".

Parliament, Senate and External Relations Ministry bin write letter for reply EU say deh no get proof for weti weh deh di tok.

"Cameroon na independent kontri and no go lef external forces chuk mop for e family mata," Sadi stress.

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European Union parliament

Goment say Cameroon get army weh e di respect law. Instead deh say na Ambazonia fighters di terrorise population, and de reason weh kontri pipo prefer make army protect dem.

Disarmament Committee di work just now for put de fighters back for society afta deh drop dia guns, Sadi tok.

For free prof. Maurice Kamto quick-quick go show say Cameroon bi ready for bi peaceful and trusted partner for international community, for join struggle for peace, democracy, lasting development and human rights under rule of law".

De crisis weh e start since 2016 don make 437,000 run go other areas for kontri, more dan 33,000 for Nigeria and about 1,5million di lack chop for Anglophone regions.