Gorillas pose for selfie wit DR Congo anti-poaching unit

Gorillas posing for selfie in Virunga National Park, DR Congo

Wia dis foto come from, Ranger Mathieu Shamavu

Wetin we call dis foto,

Di gorillas dey try copy humans

Two gorillas wey pose for selfie wia dem relax wit di rangers wey rescue dem as pikin, don go viral.

Na for one gorilla orphanage for Virunga National Park, DR Congo, dem dey raise di animals afta illegal hunters kill dia parents.

Deputy director for di park tell BBC Newsday say dem learn to imitate pipo wey dey take care of dem, wey dey look afta dem since wey dem find dem.

Im add say di gorillas, tink of di rangers as dia parents.

Innocent Mburanumwe, wey be deputy director for Virunga, tell BBC say di illegal hunters kill di gorillas dia mama for July 2007. Dat time, di gorillas bin dey just two and four months old.

Afta dat time, dem carri dem go Senkwekwe Sanctuary for Virunga, wia dem don live since.

Because dem don grow up wit di rangers wey rescue dem, oga Mburanumwe add, "dem dey imitate di humans" - and to stand on two legs na dia way of "learning to be human beings".

But e no dey too happun," im add.

"I surprise to see am... so e dey very funny."

To be ranger, no be always fun - na dangerous work.

Five rangers die for Virunga National Park last year wen suspected rebels attack dem, and more than 130 park rangers don die for Virunga since 1996.

Eastern DR Congo dey see katakata between di goment and various armed groups.

Some of these armed groups dey based for di park, wia dem dey tiff animals.