Mortuary workers for Ghana go start nationwide strike from 2 May till-till-till


Wia dis foto come from, RIZWAN TABASSUM

Mortuary Workers Association of Ghana (MOWAG) say dem go go nationwide strike from 2 May 2019 till-till-till sake of de low salary den poor working conditions wey dem dey suffer.

Dem say since last year dem start dey talk authorities for Ministry of Health, National Labour Commission, Fair Wages and Salaries about dema issues but check like no bro wan address am.

General Secretary of MOWAG, Richard Jordan talk BBC Pidgin say "check like de authorities dema interest be say dem go intimidate we so say we no go fit talk about wana issues, so we go lay down wana tools so say if dem get uncles who go fit do wana jobs dem go come manage de mortuaries."

"Now we be very informed as Ghanaians, if you employ we wey we dey work over 8 hours for one whole month but you dey pay us just Ghc300 for dis economy inside how we go take survive?" Richard Jordan talk BBC Pidgin.

He explain say dem dey work over 8 hours but no dey get overtime, dem no have annual leave, sometimes saf dem dey work plus dema bare hands sake of dem no get personal protective clothing den stuff.

According to Mr Jordon dem no dey go on public holidays, dem dey work weekends den tins all but dema salaries be Ghc300, Ghc200, Ghc 150 den tins which no good.

De Association around March 2019 strike for two days, but National Labour Commission invite dem make dem start dey negotiate dema so dem call de strike off.

But members say since den, dem no see any serious attempt authorities dey do to address dema concerns sake of dat from 2 May 2019 dem go abandon de mortuaries.