Malaria vaccine to protect pikin go test run for Malawi for di first time

Dem dey give vaccine

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Dem don already test run di vaccine for small-small oda programmes

One ogbonge trial of wetin go be di first malaria vaccine for di world to give small children protection go soon start for Malawi.

Di RTS,S vaccine go train di immune system to attack di malaria parasite wey dey spread from mosquito bites.

Smaller trials bin don show say nearly 40% of di 5-to-17-months-olds wey receive am dey protected.

Malaria cases dey rise after dem first record success ontop di fight against di deadly diseases.

Based on di recent yearly figures wey comot, malaria cases around di world no dey fall and dis wan give pipo concern say di disease wan rise again.

More dan 90% of di pipo wey dey infected and di 435,000 wey die dey na from Africa.

Malawi get nearly five million confirmed case for 2017 and dem don choose am alongside Kenya and Ghana wey dem go use for di RTS, S vaccine.

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Campaigners have long been calling for an effective way to deal with malaria

Di kontris wey dem pick na because dey don dey run large programmes to fight malaria, plus dem dey use bed nets, but still get high number of cases.

Scientists from drugs company GSK don dey make di vaccine since 1987, wey be more dan 30- years.

AFP news agency dey report say di nearly 40% effectiveness no dey high compared to di vaccines for other diseases but WHO tok say RTS,S go add to di ways wey pipo dey prevent demselves like bed nets and insecticides wey dem used.

Dem gats give di vaccine four times - once a month for three months and den di fourth dose after 18 months.

Di pilot don start for Malawi and go start for Kenya and Ghana for di coming weeks.