Anglophone Crisis: "De trauma weh e go kam di frighten me"- Father Humphrey Mbuy


Wia dis foto come from, Rev, Nsaikila Elvis

Director of Communication for Bamenda Catholic Diocese Reverend Father Humphrey Tata Mbuy di tok about de Anglophone crisis.

Fada narrate for BBC Randy Joe sa'ah how trauma don start wit some army weh e visit e di craiy say deh no know why deh di kill. Even one say e no bi don beat before but now e don kill ten pipo and e no fit sleep for night.

De man of God confirm weti weh Bishops for Bamenda bin tok, say weti weh e di happen for Anglophone regions na genocide. "If you di kill some man weh e no do anytin, but because e belong to group or region, na genocide", Fada insist.

"Wen army go for village laik wum shoot all side, all man na terrorists"?, e ask.

De communication director say If goment bi di find correct solution for dis crisis e no for enta number three year.

"No place no dey for dis world weh military response, war don eva solve problem, make we no dream say we go bi de first. We di kill den go shiddon tok, so why not shiddon tok? As you kill more innocent pipo dis di push dia boy pikin dem, and relations for join amba" e tok.

Fada Mbuy say e go take anoda generation for pipo for get confidence for army. "Na de worst tin weh e fit happen for kontri, wen population sef-sef di fear de pipo weh deh suppose protect dem".

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Wetin we call dis foto,


E give examples say wen pipo see korokoro as deh burn houses, villages and you fit identify who burn'am, deh di tief cargo and you fit identify, wen deh shoot priest, di abuse pipo, how you fit expect make pipo trust army wen dis kana tins dem di go on.

De situation for crisis for Bamenda diocese fada say, "statistic worry and fit shock pipo. E give example wit figures from Kumbo Diocese, from 19 out of 36 parish dem".

De figure show say for de last three moons, deh burn 750 houses, kill 250 pipo, and over 10,000 run go other areas from Kumbo.

But Cameroon goment, through Rene Sadi dia tok-tok pesin don always tok say deh don open dialogue for Anglophone crisis, say army di respect law and say de situation for de two regions bi under control.