Dr Chris Ngige: Nigeria Medical Association say minister don lose touch wit medical practice

Chris Ngige

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Dr Chris Ngige na medical doctor wey be present Minister of Labour and Employment

Nigeria Medical Association wey be join-bodi of different kain doctors for di kontri, say "big shortage of doctors dey for di health system."

Dis na afta Nigeria Minister of Labour and Employment Dr Chris Ngige say doctors wey dey ja from di kontri dey free because medical personnel dey yanfu-yanfu.

Oga Ngige wey appear on Channels Televisions Sunrise Daily on Wednesday morning, bin dey respond to kweshun on brain drain and how Nigerian doctors dey leave di kontri health sector.

Di minister wey also be medical doctor, say: "No, I no dey worry. We get am yanfu-yanfu. If you get surplus, you export. E happun some years ago for hia. For my secondary school days, na Indian teachers teach me Chemistry and Biology."

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Pipo for areas like northeast Nigeria wia katakata dey happun, dey suffer well-well for medical services

But Doctor Adedayo Faduyile wey be di President of di Nigeria Medical Association, say even though oga Chris Ngige na medical doctor, wen last im practice?

"Im don be minister and we fit say im don lose touch wit medical practice. If to say im sabi wetin dey happun, im for know say di recommendation na 1 doctor to 600 pipo but for Nigeria now na 1 to 6000. Dat mean say for evri 5000 Nigerians, dem get only only one doctor wey fit see dem wey e suppose be 10 or 12 doctors.

"Di health of di citizen dey important to us wey dey practice. Na because dem get opportunity wen small thing do dem to go treat demsef...For example, dat UK wey dem dey go, make dem check di number of doctors dia", im tok.

For im interview wit Channels TV, di minister bin say di doctors wey dey go abroad, dey send moni back to di kontri, wey dey help Nigeria.

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"Foreign exchange in exchange for wetin?" Dat na how Doctor Faduyile take wonda about di minister explanation.

"Foreign exchange in exchange for poor treatment, poor maternal maternity rate, in exchange for poor health facilities, in exchange for poor treatment of cancer?

"We no dey surprised to hear wetin some of our senior colleagues for di profession wey dey goment dey tok, but dat one no go make us weak, to ask goment to continue to do wetin dem suppose do.

"Doctors wey dey leave go affect Nigeria"

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For Magnus Ogaraku wey be di Director of Medial Services for Federal University Lokoja, Kogi State, im say doctors no dey surplus as oga minister tok.

Im say: "I dey for field and we no get enough doctors. If you go di teaching hospital and health centres, you go see wetin dey happun dia."

Dis no be di first time wey minister for Presido Buhari goment, go make comment about doctors wey dey leave di kontri.

Dat tok bin no too sweet pipo, wey say di minister dey yan opata.

Wia dis foto come from, Nneoma Ogaraku

Wetin we call dis foto,

Dr Ogaraku say doctors wey dey leave go affect Nigeria

Doctor Ogaraku say doctors wey dey leave Nigeria go affect di kontri in many ways.

"If you wan consult doctor for emergency for hospital and dem tell you say dem no get doctor. Or if dem tell you say di ones wey dey because of over work, no dey available, how you go feel?

"As e be now, e already dey happun. If you go some of di goment hospitals wey cheap, you gatz to wait for two to three months.

"So wen di minister tok say doctors wey surplus, e no dey right, because across di kontri, wen you wan do some kain procedures, dem go tell you to wait," im tok.