Cameroon president unity messages for Social Media dey make Kontri pipo wanda

Paul Biya

Wia dis foto come from, ISSOUF SANOGO

Some kontri pipo di wanda, discussion full for social media as President Biya e social media call for national pride and unity for e kontri pipo.

Some comments di hail president Biya say na taim for join hands for one united kontri, some ask why de sudden social media activeness mr President?

But odas di ask weti e don do for young pipo dem, say make e ask how ordinary Cameroonians di live and free pipo weh e lock for seka anglophone crisis de start national shiddon tok and fight corruption.

Messages dem start land for Facebook and twitter for Easter Sunday as e wish e kontri pipo dem happy Easter for French and English.

Den for Monday e komot dis one for Facebook and twitter.

"We get na only one kontri and na we duty for defend'am, lead'am, all we for one road for greatness and success for all man", President Biya write for Monday.

Tuesday for de same taim laik e write say make pipo di work hard for build real kontri weh weh tribalism, religion and kontri tok no di exist.

Today President Biya don write again, we fit build sometin we e go last if we put we heart, mind and hands togeda, united and dynamic we fit build trong and successful Cameroon togeda.

De messages di komot afta EU parliament and Parliamentarians for Global Action advice goment for investigate human rights abuses for Anglophone regions and free opposition leader, Maurice Kamto.