Zainab Habib Aliyu: How one bag wey 'change' to two take land her for Saudi prison

Zainab Habib Aliyu Image copyright HAJARA HABIB
Image example Zainab Aliyu get her freedom for April 2019

Wen Zainab Aliyu travel from Nigeria to Saudi Arabia on 28 December 2018, na one bag she check in. By di time she reach Saudi, one bag don turn to two and wetin follow na tori wey shock many pipo.

Di 'oda' bag wey Saudi officials trace to her name, contain hard drugs wey land her for prison. By di time dem begin torchlight di tori, dem find out say she no sabi anything about di bag, as na di handwork of one cartel for di Aminu Kano airport for Kano State, wia she bin from fly.

Di Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency say na criminal officials and di airline handlers do di arrangee wey land her for trouble.

Di commander of di NDLEA for di airport, Ambrose Omorou tell BBC for interview say wetin dis 'cartel' dey do na to add bag for di one pipo carri come airport, wey neva full reach di limit for weight. E say dis na wetin happun to Zainab wia dem put tramadol for her load.

E say, "I no know weda cartel na di right word to use hia because our investigate show say some airline handlers dey cari load add to pesin wey im load count no reach di limit. In di case of Zainab wey travel wit her mama and one oda pesin wey cari one bag each, only to reach Saudi Arabia to see say dem don add three bags to dia load."

Oga Omoruo tok say dis no go be di first time dem go see airport workers dey run dis kain parole as e happun before.

E tell BBC Focus on Africa say, "as far back as 2017, we bin see say, four airline handlers bin arrange make dem cari drugs enta plane, na so we arrest dem plus di passenger wey be suspect go jail."

From dat time NDLEA bin dey try to give advice for airlines and dem handlers on top wetin e mean to cari bags dey join wit anoda pesin luggage and why na criminal offence to di agency and dia airlines.

"Because di passengers demself no sabi wetin dey happun for behind dia backs."

Dem bin arrest six pipo wey dem suspect say dey run dis kain waka.

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Image example Tori be say dem dey add more bags to passenger own if e no reach limit weight

On top wetin dem dey do so things like dis no go happun again, oga Omoruo say dem go start wit new documents wey go get di number of luggage wey pesin dey cari travel so pipo no go fit add on top.

E say security for di airport don improve as well too and di security procedure to check in for di airport dey different now on top security concerns.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori