Dr Chris Ngige: Send one of di surplus doctors come our side - Kano clinic fire minister of Labour

Fatahi Clinic and Maternity Kano

Assistant director of Fatahi Clinic and Maternity Abdul Sani for Kano, northwest Nigeria dey ask di minister of Labour and Productivity Chris Ngige to send one of di surplus doctors or even one nurse reach dia side because dem need am.

Sani tell BBC Pidgin say dia clinic don dey in existence for Tukuntawa for over 25 years and im don dey work dia for 15 years.

Im add say di population of Tukuntawa dey very large and Fatahi na di only clinic wey goment get clinic for di area.

Sanni tok dey come afta di minister of labour say doctors wey dey ja from di kontri dey free because medical personnel dey yanfu-yanfu.

Image example Di clinic only get 15 staff members wey dey attend to thousands of patients

"Wetin Ngige tok dey funny and dishonest at di same time, if at all say doctors boku for Nigeria, we dey beg dem to send at least one come our way infact even one nurse we go appreciate."

"Di whole staff wey dey work here na 15 and we dey serve thousands of pipo wey dey bring different cases come, we dey refer many of dem to bigger hospital because na only community health workers we get, so if get doctor we go happy no be small."

Image example Assistant director of Fatahi Clinic and Maternity Abdul Sani say dem dey work for inside uncompleted building for di clinic

Sani tok say di oda problems wey dem dey face be say building work neva complete for di clinic and dem don dey stay inside like dat for four years, im wan make goment epp dem complete di work.

Pipo still dey give Ngige mouth afta im tok say Nigeria get surplus doctors and any doctor wey wan travel abroad fit go.

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