Bamenda bi normal afta deh discover man e head and army begin shoot

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Hospital roundabout for Bamenda Northwest Cameroon bi normal Friday afta army search and shoot as separatists' fighters cut some army man e head drop'am for de area.

Tension bin dey ground on Thursday as separatists fighters drop head for army man for de area and residents no fit tok wusai de rest of de bodi dey and wusai de cut de head.

So as army see de head, deh start shoot and na so pipo di run, close dia shops go hide, enta house early because of fear, one resident tori.

"Early dis morning pipo don open shops do dia business laik say nothing happen for dis area," Buma Robert tell BBC News Pidgin from Bamenda.

Bamenda na one of the Anglophone town weh government forces dey fight wit separatist forces for Cameroon.

"Now e don reach level weh pipo di run and de next day deh di komot laik say noting happen, na so weh di live wit de crisis for Bamenda now. Bullet fit kill we at any time, but man must survive," Buma add.

"Na wowo tin for we now, pipo dia bodi parts just di dey all side, and ma big mami tell me say na de same kana tin weh e bin di happen for Cameroon during 'marquisat' taim, (Bamelike war)," Buma tok.

Buma say plenti pipo don even pack komot for dis area as na really war zone, day no fit pass weh shooting no dey for Hospital Roundabout go reach around Travellers and road for Bali.

Just now some video di go round social media weh e di show how army di search place even di break pipo dis shops for steal weh deh suspects say na from Thursday shooting, Buma tok.

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