Fru Ndi: SDF party leader don turn back afta separatists fighters ‘invite' e for discussion

Ni John Ndi Image copyright ISSOUF SANOGO

Cameroon main opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) party leader, John Fru Ndi, don turn back afta discussion wit separatists fighters for Kumbo, Bui Division for Northwest of di kontri.

Fru Ndi lead delegation for go bury SDF parliamentary group leader, Honourable Joseph Banadzem weh e die for March 30 and deh di bury yi for village for Bui for Northwest region wen dem take am.

Separatists fighters say deh no wan see any man weh e no bi part of de family for di burial but Fru Ndi say e must go bury e party mimba.

SDF Party Communication Secretary Denis Nkelemo tell BBC Pidgin say no bi kidnap as pipo di share tori for social media.

"Separatists fighters invite e for discussion wen deh delegation reach kumbo for tok. Deh say make kontri pipo no worry because wen deh finish tok e go kam back".

For now e no bi clear de kana discussion weh separatist fighter get with Fru Ndi. Just now mass for bury Joseph Banadzem di go on for Kumbo Catholic Cathedral.

Image example Cameroon lawmakers for Joseph Banadzem coffining on Friday

Resident for Kumbo don tell BBC Pidgin say for bury man now kontri pipo get for go take permission for separatists fighters, give dem moni, chop and mimbo.

BBC News Pidgin di follow de tori.

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