Computer Village for Lagos don tok why dem no want traditional market leaders

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Ahmed Ojikutu wey be di President of Computer and Allied Products Dealers Association of Nigeria (CAPDAN), say dem go continue to do protest non-stop to block any plan to put Iyaoloja (Mama of market) and Babaloja (Papa of Market) inside computer Village for Ikeja, Lagos state.

Early on Tuesday, some traders for di market do protest against di plan to by force market leader give one of di largest computer market for Africa. Di traders dey hala say "Computer Village na symbol of ICT inside Africa and no be symbol of pepper sellers."

Oga Ojikutu tell BBC Pidgin say di pipo for computer village dey stand up to dia right against some oppressors wey wan impose Iyaloja inside di market.

"E no dey right, we no want am. We say no to am and we dey beg evri bodi for Nigeria wey want progress to beg dem not to by force Iyaloja, Babaloja, give di market.

"We go continue dis protest, Computer village na semi formal sector and already Lagos State ministry of wealth creation dey regulate us.

"We be educated pipo, some pipo wey do do business here get double masters, PHD. Why dem wan take us backward, why dem wan take di industry backward," e tok.

Di president of CAPDAN add say if dem succeed to put Iyaloja for Computer village today, tomorrow dem go do am for Abuja and oda places.

Meanwhile, wen BBC Pidgin call Folashade Tinubu-Ojo wey be di Iyaloja General inside Lagos, she say na one ethnic group for di kontri dey do dis protest.

"Why dem (di ethnic group) go stand up say dem no want Iyaloja. Dem no get marker leaders for dia own town?"

But Oga Ojikutu tok say no be any ethnic group dey protest for Computer Village, say na all stakeholders for computer village association.

"If dem want to impose iyaloja by force, e fit lead to crisis and we no want dis for our business environment," im add.

E conclude say computer village get association already so why dem wan bring Iyaloja.

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