Ramadan fast: Kano Hisbah go arrest pipo wey chop for public

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Image example Men for Senegal dey eat and drink for di last day of Ramadan for 2016

Commander General for Kano Hisbah barister Nabahani Usman say from Monday wey Ramadan go start, dia team go begin go round di state to arrest mature Muslims wey dey chop food for public or inside restaurant.

According to Nabahani anybody wey dem arrest reach dia office for sake say e dey chop publicly go need to prove say na doctor say make e no fast, maybe e get chronic ulcer or anoda disease before dem release am.

Afta dat wan, dem go cut am warning say make e no chop outside again.

Di Hisbah oga add say Ramadan na special month for Muslims and anybody wey dey practice di faith suppose respect am.

"Dis na operation wey we dey do yearly and we go continue am dis year. Di aim na to get every Muslim to respect the month of Ramadan. Even if doctor say make u no fast dat one no mean say u go come dey chop publicly while odas dey fast."

"So any muslim wey we gbab dey chop outside, our men go arrest am come office unless e fit prove say na doctor say make e no fast ."

Oga Nabahani say pipo need to respect di month and odas wey dey fast.

Every year Kano media dey carry reports of pipo wey Hisbah arrest wey no dey fast and dem dey always call ulcer, dis na why Hisbah say pesin must prove which doctor and hospital confam di ulcer.

Two weeks ago, Hisbah begin anoda operation wia dem dey gbab prostitutes and oda criminals to prepare di state spiritually for di coming of Ramadan.

Kano State don dey practice Sharia law since 2001 when former govnor Rabiu Kwankwaso sign di bill wey create Hisbah, religious police for di state.

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