Ramadan 2019: Seven tins you suppose know about di fasting season

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Image example Ramadan dey start on Monday

Muslims around di world dey prepare to begin di annual 29 or 30 days Ramadan fasting.

How Long:
Fajr: :Fajr
Morning: :Morning
Evening: :Evening
How Long:
Fajr: :Fajr
Morning: :Morning
Evening: :Evening
How Long:
Fajr: :Fajr
Morning: :Morning
Evening: :Evening
  • Afghanistan
    How Long: 15hrs 31mins
    Fajr: 03:24
    Morning: 04:45
    Evening: 18:55
  • Australia
    How Long: 11hrs 25mins
    Fajr: 05:33
    Morning: 06:46
    Evening: 16:58
  • Brazil
    How Long: 11hrs 57mins
    Fajr: 05:32
    Morning: 06:37
    Evening: 17:29
  • Canada
    How Long: 17hrs 2mins
    Fajr: 03:26
    Morning: 05:15
    Evening: 20:28
  • Chile
    How Long: 11hrs 25mins
    Fajr: 06:21
    Morning: 07:33
    Evening: 17:46
  • China
    How Long: 16hrs 11mins
    Fajr: 03:19
    Morning: 04:51
    Evening: 19:30
  • Egypt
    How Long: 15hrs 5mins
    Fajr: 03:42
    Morning: 04:57
    Evening: 18:47
  • France
    How Long: 17hrs 44mins
    Fajr: 03:53
    Morning: 05:59
    Evening: 21:37
  • Greenland
    How Long: 20hrs 48mins
    Fajr: 02:18
    Morning: 03:44
    Evening: 23:06
  • Iceland
    How Long: 20hrs 47mins
    Fajr: 02:19
    Morning: 03:46
    Evening: 23:06
  • India
    How Long: 14hrs 58mins
    Fajr: 04:12
    Morning: 05:26
    Evening: 19:10
  • Indonesia
    How Long: 12hrs 50mins
    Fajr: 04:54
    Morning: 05:55
    Evening: 17:44
  • Kenya
    How Long: 13hrs 17mins
    Fajr: 05:15
    Morning: 06:27
    Evening: 18:32
  • Libya
    How Long: 15hrs 48mins
    Fajr: 04:17
    Morning: 06:03
    Evening: 20:05
  • Morocco
    How Long: 15hrs 28mins
    Fajr: 04:00
    Morning: 05:21
    Evening: 19:28
  • Nigeria
    How Long: 13hrs 29mins
    Fajr: 05:28
    Morning: 06:30
    Evening: 18:57
  • Russia
    How Long: 18hrs 35mins
    Fajr: 02:15
    Morning: 04:04
    Evening: 20:50
  • Saudi Arabia
    How Long: 14hrs 38mins
    Fajr: 03:56
    Morning: 05:06
    Evening: 18:34
  • Senegal
    How Long: 14hrs 12mins
    Fajr: 05:22
    Morning: 06:40
    Evening: 19:34
  • South Africa
    How Long: 11hrs 50mins
    Fajr: 05:36
    Morning: 06:43
    Evening: 17:26
  • Tanzania
    How Long: 13hrs 3mins
    Fajr: 05:26
    Morning: 06:39
    Evening: 18:29
  • UK
    How Long: 18hrs 1mins
    Fajr: 02:57
    Morning: 04:57
    Evening: 20:58
  • USA
    How Long: 15hrs 29mins
    Fajr: 04:25
    Morning: 05:46
    Evening: 19:54

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Di 2019 Ramadan fasting go begin on Monday May 6.

See some of di tins you suppose know about di religious duty.

Tins you suppose know about Ramadan fasting

  • No eating of food from dusk till dawn, no drinking of water, kerewa too is not allowed.
  • Dis na di 1438 edition of di fasting - according to history, di first fasting happun two years after Prophet Muhammad SAW migrate from Mecca to Medina.
  • Some pipo go do two fasts in one day.
Image example E go reach one month before u go see matured Muslim with food during di day or Islamic police Hisbah fit gbab di pesin.
  • Na time to recite Quran and attend Islamic lectures. For many muslims na dis time of di year dem dey recite di whole Quran wey get 604 pages and also many mosques dey hold Islamic lectures wey muslims dey call Tafsir between 4 - 6pm everyday.
  • Lailatul Qadr night: Dis night dey happun inside di last 10 days of Ramadan, na di most important night for every muslim, as di prayer for dat single night pass prayers wey pesin go pray for 84 years in terms of reward.
Image example Pesin wey dey very old dey excused from participating in di fasting
  • Dis na also di best time for charity, breaking of fasts with different pipo, visitation and keeping good relations with family and friends and oda good behaviours wey Islam dey preach.
  • Every matured muslim must fast as na one of di pillars of di religion unless pipo wey don too old, dey sick, women wey dey on dia period or pipo wey dey travel.

Di Chief Imam of Abdullahi Abbas Mosque for Kano Sheik Nazifi Inuwa say any muslim wey witness dis special month and e no do any act wey go bring am closer to God deserve punishment for di hereafter.

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