Anglophone crisis: Ex Cameroon, Nigeria soldiers bi among separatists - Crisis Group

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International Crisis Group, say former Cameroon and Nigerian soldiers bi among de separatist weh deh di fight for independence for Anglophone regions.

Katakata burst for Anglophone regions for 2016 as teachers and lawyers bin hala say French di dominate spoil di education and legal system.

Crisis Group for new report say na seven armed militia dey for ground wit 2000 - 4000 fighters.

"Plenti na from Anglophone community but odas na Nigeria security forces, weh deh di bring dia guns. Some na criminals weh deh run from Delta State, plus Cameroon police, soldiers weh deh retire and even woman dem na leaders", Crisis Group tok.

De group say de situation for Anglophone regions di bad da so, wit more dan 200 instances weh separatists di attack, kidnap, and security forces di burn commit oda crimes dem.

De conflict don kill 1850 pipo since 2017, and just now deh destroy 170 villages, displace 530,000 pipo for oda parts for kontri and 35,000 for Nigeria, de group put new figures.

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De Crisis Group di worry say de two sides hold dia position tight, goment di check say e go use army win de war and separatists say na independence or noting.

For dem, solution na for Cameroon and international actors for put pressure for sanction de pipo weh deh no wan shiddon tok, encourage de two side for look bargain.

For end de conflict mean say change must bi for law on decentralisation, make de regions dem get bigger self-rule.

Goment nova yet tok weti e check for dis report as goment no bi glad for de last Human Rights Watch report. Goment say de rights group bin bi bias, say army bi professional.

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