DR Congo Ebola: More dan 1,000 pipo don die

One health worker dey write di name of Ebola victim ontop cross Image copyright Reuters
Image example Di Ebola outbreak for di Democratic Republic of Congo na already di second deadliest for history

Di number of pipo wey don die from di Ebola virus epidemic for di Democratic Republic of Congo don pass 1,000 according to di kontri health ministry.

DRC Ebola outbreak wey start for August na already di second worst one for history.

World Health Organization deputy director Dr Michael Ryan say violence and doubt dey affect di effort to fight di disease as e dey spread dey go for di east of di kontri.

Dem don record 119 attack against medical centres and staff since January according to Dr Ryan.

As e be so, WHO dey expect say di virus go "continue to dey spread" na so Dr Ryan tell tori pipo.

Health workers get plenty vaccines - dem don give more dan 100,000 pipo already. But di kasala for di east of di kontri and say pipo no trust doctors dey affect di programme.

DRC dey also suffer from measles outbreak wey don kill more dan 1,000 pipo with 50,000 reported cases. WHO staff don confam measles for 14 out of 26 province for di kontri for both rural and urban areas.

Although Ebola still within two provinces for DRC e dey become difficult to monitor di spread of di virus because of violence.

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Wetin be Ebola?

  • Ebola na virus wey dey start with sudden fever, weakness of di body, muscle pain and sore throat.
  • E dey turn to vomiting, diarrhoea and both internal and external bleeding.
  • Pipo dey catch am wen dem get direct contact with dia skin wey get wound, mouth, nose, with blood, vomit, poo-poo or water from di body of pesin wey get Ebola.
  • Patients dey die from lack of water for dia body and multiple organ failure.

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