AITEO host community don shutdown Nembe Creek Trunk Line

Group of Nembe community members wey dey protest. Image copyright Albert Benibo
Image example Group of Nembe community members wey dey protest go di domot of Aiteo logistics base inside Nembe.

AITEO oil company dey beg one riverine community for southern Nigeria to dey patient wit dem afta di community shutdown di pipeline wey dey cari crude oil from Nembe creek to Bonny for southern Nigeria.

Chiefs, youths, men and women for Nembe local goment, Bayelsa state do I-no-go-gree waka go shutdown di Nembe Creek Trunk Line - NCTL on Sunday morning.

Di NCTL na one of di Ogbonge crude oil pipeline for Nigeria, e get capacity of 150,000 barrels per day and dey supply crude to di Bonny Crude Oil Terminal.

Na AITEO dey manage am since September, 2015 wen dem buy am from Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC).

Tok-tok pesin for di Nembe Chief Council Chief Nengi James Eriworio tell BBC Pidgin say dem shutdown di place because since September 1 2015, wen AITEO takeover di trunkline from SPDC dem neva benefit anything as host community AITEO, yet AITEO dey make plenti money from di crude oil wey dey flow from di land.

"AITEO as company don marginalise Nembe pipo because na dem dey in charge of OML 29 wey cover Nembe oilfield 1,2,3,4 with over 150 oil wells but notin dey ground to show wetin we benefit from dem.

"Dia operations office no dey Nembe and dia corporate office no dey Bayelsa state, dem no dey pay internal revenue to di state goment. Dat one no dey happen for European countries.

For over 5 years wey dem buy dis facility nothing! We dey watch, dey wait, dem neva come tok to us. So today di whole Nembe community, all di chiefs, men, women and youths don come out."

"Apart from our local demand, we don also shut down all di flow station. We no wan tamper with federal goment facilities now but we feel say dis na way to take drive our point because as I dey tok now di Nembe communities dey shut down we no get light, we no get water for Nembe so why dem dey enjoy us? Dem dey Ghana, we dey Nembe, yet production dey go on daily and we know di kain money wey dem dey make."

Image copyright Albert Benibo

Secretary for Nembe City Youth Congress Ibulubo Obiene say dem dey demand for employment and for community development project wey go benefit pipo for di area.

"Dis shutdown go last as long as di negotiations go be so wetin we want na for di management to come sidon wit us tok. We no go-go Ghana, di management must come Nembe come tok with us."

"Before dem come in, di tradition na say dem go sidon discuss with di Nembe community, di leadership of Nembe, sign MOU before dem begin but e no dey so. " Na so im tok.

But AITEO Group say dem dey committed to develop day host community.

For di paper wey di Head AITEO Media Operations Ndiana Matthew send give BBC Pidgin, im confam say na early hours of Sunday 5 May, 2019 some community pipo land di logistics base to protest.

Matthew say di company get beta working relationship wit di Nembe community as dem dey provide most of di supply, logistics and security contracts for dis local operations and di company don also provide tins wey don benefit di community well.

Di statement come add say since dem dey do joint venture with NNPC, e get key decisions dem go take afta dem don consult all di stakeholders wey e concern so dem dey beg di host community wey be Nembe to dey patient wait di final result for di process wey dem don start "to implement development for all parties."

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