Anglophone Crisis: Human Rights Watch say Cameroon get special torture centre for separatists

Cameroon army Image copyright ALEXIS HUGUET

From last year, goment security forces for Cameroon don di torture pipo wit no fear for consequences, according to Lewis Mudge Central African Director for Human Rights Watch.

De right group say for State Defense Secretariat SED, gendarmes, and security forces don beat and nearly drown pipo weh deh suspect say na separatists for get informate.

Dis tok komot just one day afta Michele Bachelet, UN Human Rights oga komot for tok wit goment officials, civil society and political parties for Yaoundé.

De group say deh shine eye for 14 case for torture and 26 case for detention wit no contact wit family or lawyers between January 2018, and January 2019.

Cameroon goment neva reply dis latest Human Rights Watch report.

Wen BBC News Pidgin call, send message for Minister of Communication office wey be goment tok-tok pesin, e personal secretary nova send reaction.

De number for cases fit be higher because na for secret deh di carry out dia acts, de group add.

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Image example For April wen Human Rights Watch komot tori for how soldiers kill for Meluf for Northwest Cameroon, goment through e tok-tok pesin say na one sided report and say goment forces di target na place weh separatists dey.

Human Rights Watch say make UN put situation for Cameroon for yi agenda condemn torture and detention wit no contact for family or lawyers, den call goment make e end dis kaka tin.

Rights group give example for moto mechanic weh deh keep e for SED for one year before deh move e for Kondengui weh e say, "Guards dem di use any tin weh deh see, cooking spoon, stone, sticks and electric cable for beat we".

Even sanitary condition for dis SED no good as deh keep pipo for some tiny cells, di give dem chop one or two times for day, one soap for 12 pipo for one month and deh no di brush teeth. Doctors di visit but na for give pain killers, Rights group tok.

But no bi only gendarmes and security forces di torture, separatists forces too di maltreat pipo for seka say deh no respect dis orders as de group report.

Some victims say de separatists' forces beat and wound dem for plantation farms for Tiko say deh no respect dia law for stop work for de farms.

Separatists, also torture and wound Fulani pipo weh deh say di collaborate wit goment forces.

Example na torture for video for one Fulani man weh e friend say deh nova see e since and di suspect say deh don kill yi.

But separatist forces deny for Human Rights Watch say no bi dia fighters di act laik dat.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori