Michelle Bachelet: UN Human Rights oga don tell Paul Biya say Cameroon Anglophone crisis fit get out of control, if…

President Paul Biya (left), UN Human Rights oga, Michelle Bachelet (right) Image copyright President Paul Biya

"If correct measures no bi, crisis for Northwest and Southwest regions fit get out of control wit about ten separatists' groups, Michelle Bachelet tok Tuesday afta her visit to Cameroon.

Bachelet wey be United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner say key for get lasting solution and peace for Anglophone crisis na for find solution for root cause and complaints.

Na afta e four days visit for Cameroon weh Michelle Bachelet tok wit, president Biy, goment officials, political parties, civil society weh e go write weti weh tok how e understand de situation for Cameroon how for get solution.

E condemn all groups as deh di target civilians, burn schools, hospitals say e no bi logical. E call on all sides including goment for make serious effort for end de fight start peace tok.

De Cameroon goment nova react to dis latest statement from de UN Human Rights madam, but President Paul Biya put up tweet on Tuesday morning to call for peace and mutual forgiveness.

De High Commissioner say 'mingili' chance dey for find solution for Anglophone crisis, but e no go easy for turn de situation as e bin dey before.

"Goment go need for take some big actions wit help for international community", UN Human Rights boss tok.

Image copyright Maximilienne Ngo Mbe
Image example Maximilienne Ngo Mbe na member of Cameroon civil society.

Maximilienne Ngo Mbe for REDHAC, one of de civil society organisations weh e take part for consultations say she deh glad say di UN High Commissioner tok make President Biya for tackle de root cause for de crisis, make goment no deny security forces dia abuses.

"But we bi expect High Commissioner for push more make deh get independent mission for field for establish facts, who do weti and how so dat social justice fit bi."

As former defense minister, Bachelet say e understand army e challenge for deal wit armed groups, but say any abuse weh forces commit no only bi unlawful, but e no di helep dem as enemy di take advantage, di build hate and helep for recruit more pipo for de groups.

"Goment get for bi transparent for case for violation and punish security forces weh commit abuses", e add.

Human Rights Boss worry how weh goment no di give international and national humanitarian agency dem permission for de Anglophone regions. "For deprive dem for go de crisis areas, di feed international and local suspicion" Bachelet tok.

Political parties and civil society bin tell UN Human Rights Boss how deh not fit associate, gada and arrest Maurice Kamto CRM leader and e understand say deh no bi free.

High Commissioner say make goment for stop for try civilians for military court.

E say all man wan peace, make de crisis end, and e international community fit contribute for bring peace.

"Goment e readiness for cooperate fit helep Cameroon for komot for difficult taims, and we bi ready wit UN for support.", Bachelet tok.

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