British pipo no dey too 'knack' again like before

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British pipo dey knack less now than before-before, according to one ogbonge survey wey dem do all ova di kontri.

Di findings wey dem publish for British Medical Journal, suggest say nearly third of men and women neva nack for di past month.

Dat na up from around quarter for 2001, according to di data from 34,000 pipo.

Less than half of men and women wey dey 16 to 44 years nack at least once a week, according to dia response.

Pipi wey don pass 25 years and couples wey dey married or dey live togeda na im account for di biggest fall of sexual activity all ova di 21-year period.

Di informate wey di researchers look, come from three back to back British National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles wey dem do 1991, 2001, and 2012.

Dem give informate of sexual behaviour among Britons.

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According to di most recent survey:

  • Less than half (41%) of pipo wey dey 16 to 44 don knack at least once a week for di last month
  • Di proportion wey report no sex for di past month don increase - from 23% to 29.3% among women and from 26% to 29.2% among men between 2001 and 2012
  • Di proportion wey report sex 10 or more times for di past month don fall - from 20.6% to 13.2% among women and from 20.2% to 14.4% among men between 2001 and 2012
  • Di average number of times wey 35 to 44-year-olds report say dem nack for di past month fall from four to two among women and from four to three among men

Why e drop?

Researchers from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine say na pipo wey bin dey sexually active before na dis decrease happun to instead of pipo wey decide to keep dia virginity.

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Although pipo under 25 and those wey dey single dey less likely to dey sexually active, but di biggest reduction dey among older married couples or couple wey neva marry but dey stay wit each oda.

So you feel say pipo just dey simply commot mind from sex? Dis no be true.

Half of women and nearly two-third of men for di latest survey tok say dem go like to do more kerewa.

Na pipo wey dey married or living togeda as couple, voice dis desire more and di researchers say dis na "merits concern".

Dem dey too busy, tired or dey stressed?

Lead researcher Prof Kaye Wellings tok say "sheer pace of modern life" fit be di reason why many pipo do knack less.

"E dey interesting say those wey e affect di most dey dia mid-life - di so-called 'sandwich' generation. Dis na men and women wey dey juggling work, childcare and responsibilities to parents wey dey grow older."

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