How patients dey suffer for Bamenda kidney centre

Pesin dey do im hemodialysis Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Patients dey fear say dem fit die if nothing for happun (no be actual hospital)

Patients weh deh receive treatment for dia kidney problems for Bamenda regional hospital say deh di suffer because seven for di machine dem spoil.

De situation bad sotei patients warn management say deh go protest if deh no solve de situation.

Bamenda haemodialysis centre di serve patients dem from de whole region and from western region.

One of de patients, Nkoso Ephraim, weh na president for pipo weh get treatment for dis centre say deh di suffer too much.

"We no di sleep for night, because we bi restless, too much pain, swelling and we fit die any time if we no pass for dis machine".

Fon Wamucho, Nurse for Bamenda Haemodialysis Centre say wen kidney stop for work fain, "doty di accumulate and na artificial way, machine di komot waste, and deh di call'am haemodialysis".

De best tin na for patient for get 4 hours for machine three taims for one week.

Though Cameroon goment di pay for patients dem for dialysis session (100,000) patients di pay 5000 but deh no fit get de three chance for one week.

"If deh miss one session, waste di accumulate, dia body di start swell and water fit enta lungs and deh fit get problem for breath and e fit bi emergency. Na machine fit solve de problem 90 percent. If machine no di work den patients fit get complications", Fon tok.

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Image example Kidney stop for work fain, doty di accumulate and na artificial way, machine di komot waste, and deh di call'am haemodialysis

For pass for machine only two taims na already under treatment, den for miss two session di complicate tins, e add.

Trouble dey wen deh miss two sessions, de bodi di get overload di swell, fluid fit enta dia lungs. Wen potassium accumulate e bi dangerous and if deh no komot'am e di lead to cardiac arrest, Fon tok.

For put back de machine for order, Director for Bamenda Regional Hospital management, Dr. Kinge Thompson Njie send message for message for Health Minister Manaouda Malachi. E send technician and deh don repair six machine dem.

But patients, laik Nkoso di doubt if deh machines dem go fit make two weeks as deh dey over work. One machine suppose serve three pipo.

De long taim solution na for get spare parts, and government don command spare parts only deh di take taim for reach.

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