Jollof rice cheap pass to cook for Onitsha and Awka inside Nigeria

Lagos no longer be di cheapest place to cook jollof for Nigeria

City of Onitsha and Awka for Anambra State for south east Nigeria don become di cheapest city to cook jollof rice for di kontri according to report by SBM Intelligence.

For inside di new report wey cover reach 11 markets across six states, di two cities overtake Lagos as di cheapest place to cook di popular Nigeria delicacy.

Since 2015, SMB Intelligence don dey track di prices of key household items across major markets for Nigeria.

For dis research wey dem call SMB Jollof Index, dem measure di price of di ingredient wey dem dey use cook jollof rice like vegetable oil, tomatoes, seasoning cube, meat/fish, onions and pepper etc.

Price of vegetable oil and cost of beef na di reason why Lagos comot as di cheapest place to cook jollof as tins don cost for market.

Dem come see say for south east Nigeria, apart from meat wey dem dey buy for market, most pipo for Anambra dey farm di tins wey dem dey use cook especially rice.

Wetin we call dis foto,

SBM measure di price of ingredients wey dem dey take cook jollof rice like vegetable oil, meat and tomatoes for markets across six states

Dis culture of to dey farm rice for place like Abakiliki, Ebonyi State don lead to di price to come down even affect di low price for neighbouring cities like Calabar for Cross River State.

For north west, dem visit Kano Sabon Gari market wia dem see say tins like tomatoes cheap well well as you fit even buy eight small pieces for N50 as compared to place like Abuja wia di same eight pieces dey go for N200. But dem later see say tins like Turkey cost and most pipo prefer to use beef as e sara for di state.

Di oda markets wey dem visit across Nigeria to collect data, na Wuse and Nyanya market for Abuja, Bodija and Dugbe market for Ibadan, Trade Fair and Balogun market for Lagos, Calabar Municipal market for Bayside for Cross River state.

SBM Intelligence say dia researchers use methods such as one-on-one interviews and desk research to gada available data.