Kano Emirates: Court stop Ganduje again

Emir of Kano Mahammad Sanusi II Image copyright Twitter

High Court judge inside Kano justice Nasiru Saminu say di order wey im give on May 10, wey say make govnor Abdullahi Ganduje and odas no do anything regarding creation of new emirates still stand.

Justice Nasiru add say make all parties wey dey involved for di mata maintain how tings be before di addition of Karaye, Bichi, Rano and Gaya as additional emirates for Kano as di case dey continue dey go on before end of di mata.#

Di case go continue on di 20th of June 2019.

Meanwhile, tok tok pesin to gov Ganduje wey release statement immediately after di court finish seating tok say dia own understanding of maintain status quo na for dia new emirs to siddon kampke for dia new office.

E maintain say di govnor no get di first order wey di court give on May 10 as by then dem don already receive letter of acceptance from the new emirs.

Na on Wednesday, four chiefs for Kano Emir Palace also cari di mata go Federal high court wia dem dey beg di court to cancel di new emirates wey Kano goment create.

Pipo for Kano dey divided on di issue as some dey support di new emirates saying dem go bring leadership closer to pipo while some say na just fight between Gov Ganduje and Emir Sanusi wey no dey good for di state development.

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