Kano Emirate: Govnors dey tamper wit traditional institutions?

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Image example Emir Muhammadu Sanusi work as Nigeria Central Bank Governor between 2009-2014 before e become Emir

Tori of di Kano State House of Assembly decision to break di more than 200 years old and biggest Emirate inside Nigeria - di Kano Emirate into five, don allow for Nigerians to dey tok different different tins.

Some dey even say di whole tin na plan to make sure di current Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi, no go get strong power again, because im dey always criticise di state goment.

Although di history of di Kano Empire date back to di 15th century and jihads and war from different fighters plenty, Since 1903, Kano don see stable system for Emirs as rulers.

With di 44 Local Goment Areas (LGAs) and population wey don reach over 9 million, di law wey control power for di Emir of Kano don reduce LGAs wey e fit rule over from 44 to 10 and dis na wetin many pipo fear say don change how tins dey be.

With dis law wey don dey final, as submitted by lawmakers for di state and approved by di govnor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje on Wednesday May 8, di Kano Emirate wey dey over 200 years old don see new chapter for im history.

Di new law go make sure say di present Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammadu Sanusi II, wey be one of di most influential traditional and religious leaders for Nigeria go only get 20% of im empire. Dem don create four more emirates and each one go get im own Emir.

"Even colonial masters no tamper with Kano history di way dem dey do am today," tok Professor Tijjani Naniya of history department of Bayero University for Kano. E say di new emirates wey dem don do na major change of history wey no suppose stand.

"Wetin don happun for Kano in di last week na clear case of attempt to change di course of history of some pipo, history wey dey over 1000 years old, even when di colonial masters come, dem no change our history dat time, why now? How e fit be say history wey old like dat, in 3 days, some pipo wey get good intentions go just change am and no first follow pipo tok, e mean say dia plan for mind no pure."

But Kano State goment no see am dat way. For statement, di state goment say "di decision to break-up im emirate na to move di traditional institution close to di pipo".

Di professor also believe say di present system wey get five emirates instead of one no go last long, as di same plan by one former Kano govnor Abunakar Rimi for 1982 no last pass one year.

"Govnor Rimi also attempt am for 1982 and when one new govnor, Sabo Bakin Zuwo assume office, im cancel di whole thing because majority of Kano pipo sabi say e no dey right and pesin don tamper with dia history. I expect say di same tin go happun again dis time."

As far as di pipo of di state use courts to maintain pressure and follow do meeting with those for power, di new emirates no go last just like for 1982."

One man wey dey live for Kano, Zakari Mohammed say without question, history don change but na for 'better way' because im believe say citizens of di new emirate go new dey more involved.

"I feel dis new emirates go also make citizens feel more engaged. Before now di kings for dis new emirates depend on di Emir of Kano for directions, but now dem fit tanda on dia own first class emir wey dey close to dem pass how Emir of Kano fit every be."

Image example Kano prides as northern Nigeria's commercial capital

Abdullahi Sani, anoda resident tok say im na 40 years old and Kano Emirates na di only one im sabi and love.

"I go find am impossible to accept dis new arrangement as dem no come from our history and dem dey to just serve some pipo interest."

One student wey no dey see well well, Saifullah Mukhtar tok say di development na positive one as tins wey dey affect pipo lives go get close solution instead of to dey depend of Kano way far for answer.

"I see dis new emirates as positive development except if politicians come hijack di plan to benefit demsef. Di leaders suppose dey tink about di pipo for di bottom of di ladder always for mata like dis, especially pipo like me with disability, that way all of us go benefit from di plan."

Image example Kano Emirate gain independence from di Sokoto caliphate for 1903

Although local tori pipo bin report say one high court for Kano last Friday, issue one order to stop di plan to break di empire into five, di govnor don already give staff of office last Monday.

As all dis dey happun, make we remember say Kano no be di only state to get wetin be like politically-motivate change of traditional ruler, in recent time.


For 2015, Govnor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State, Southeast Nigeria been get di same kasala with former Eze of Owerri, Late Eze Emmanuel Emenyonu Njemanze, OziriIgbo V of Owerri, wey di ruler accused di govnor say im dey divide Owerri and di whole state.

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Image example Governor Okorocha contested the office of Senate in 2019 having completed eight years in office

When di kasala between di two of dem really strong, di Okorocha administration bin allegedly arrange di suspension of Ese Njemanze as di deputy chairman of di state Council of Ndi-Eze, wey be di highest decision-making joinbodi of traditional rulers of di state.

Dis na because of di ruler alleged support for Eze Cletus Ilomuanya, wey dem comot as chairman of di State Council of Traditional Rulers.

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Image example Eze Njemanze reigned for 27 years until his demise in 2016 at age 84

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