Build America Visa: Trump new immigration plan na points-based system wey migrants go need to learn English & pass exam

President Donald Trump Image copyright Getty Images

President Donald Trump just announce plans to replace di green cards wey dey now wit wetin im call "Build America Visa."

American number 45 president tok say di new immigration selection system wey im hope say go dey implemented, go be points-based system and migrants go need to learn English and pass exam about di culture of America.

Oga Trump drop dis new plan in front of tori pipo for di White House Rose Garden.

"You go get more points if you be young worker, meaning you go fit contribute more to our society. You go get more points if you get ogbonge skill and offer of employment and advanced education or you plan to create jobs," Trump tok.

Di new immigration plant Oga Trump tok, go put American workers first and go be "di envy of di modern world".

President Trump says a newly unveiled immigration plan would "transform America's immigration system into the pride of our nation and the envy of the modern world."

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