Kano Police parade suspected gay man, receive 32 oda cases of sexual offences in 3 weeks

Gay suspects wey police gbab and parade for Kano
Image example For state like Kano, di law wey dem dey follow dia be two - civil and sharia law

Kano Police Command for press conference on Thursday parade suspected gay man and oda pipo wey commit different sexual offences in di last three weeks.

Di Command say in di last 21 days dem gbab pipo wey be gay, some sexual harassment cases wey include touching without consent. About 25 na rape cases.

Tok tok pesin for Police DSP Abdullahi Haruna say di job to help end or drastically reduce dis kain numbers dey dey di hand of community and religious leaders.

"Di job to end dis kain problem, only Police no go fit do am, religious and community leaders need to join hands to help solve di problems."

Image example Aisha Kabuga feel say work wey no dey for young men dey cause dem to do anyhow

Kano State, like many oda northern states for Nigeria, dey use Sharia law wey be religious law based on Islamic teaching. Dem even get dia own police - Hisbah Police.

Although, Nigeria law dey against man and man or woman and woman marriage, and those wey break di law fit spend reach 14 years for jail.

Aisha Kabuga na Coordinator for Women and Child Rights Advocacy for Kano and she tok say e dey sad say dis issues wey dem suffer ontop to reduce for di state don dey make comeback.

"In di last few years no be small we suffer ontop dis rape and sexual harassment issue and towards di end of last year and di beginning of dis year, di cases drop wella, dis na why i dey vex say di numbers don dey go up again, di number for di last 3 weeks dey very disturbing."

"Di major tin wey cause dis increase na unemployment, go to many areas in Kano, you go just see youth dey siddon for group dey chat without doing any work and as dey say an idle mind is the devil's workshop, so if parents send girl on errand those jobless guys fit block her do wetin dem wan do."

"Di solution in my opinion na for goment to provide jobs and oda engagements for jobless pipo, dis go make dem busy and take dia minds off criminality like rape and oda things."

Image example Sheik Inuwa want make religious leaders dey preach on di mata

Sheik Nazifi Inuwa wey be chief Imam for Abdullahi Abbas mosque for Kano also chook mouth for di mata where e yan say Imams like am suppose increase preaching on di issue.

"Di increase dey worrying and di truth be say di work to help reduce dis numbers na everybody get am not only Imams. On our part we suppose increase preaching on dis topic, our religion dey against rape and oda sexual offences and also to let parents know say na dia duty to put eye well well on dia children."

"Anoda tin wey I go like see na very tough judgement for pipo wey dey do dis kain offences so dat if oda pipo see am dem go avoid taking di same step."

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