Cameroon Anglophone Crisis: 90 Separatists fighters don surrender - Disarmament Committee

Cameroon Prime Minister dey receive four separatist fighters wey surrender for Kumba on Thursday Image copyright Prime Minister's Services /Twitter

Some 20 separatist fighters weh deh bi don surrender go meet Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute on Thursday for Kumba, Meme Division for Southwest Cameroon.

Dis 20 fighters weh deh surrender for Kumba don join odas weh deh bin don drop dia guns, 35 for Bamenda and 21 for Buea last week.

So far na about 90 fighters don drop dia guns, according to di Disarmament, Demobilization, Reintegration Committee announcement.

Tori be say four pipo show for Prime Minister say na Amba fighters. One politician komot FCFA1million for support dem, den PM e broda also give FCFA 2million, according to Cameroon national radio.

"Afta de four, some pipo start komot for crowd de number reach 20, some of dem na weh we know say natief pipo and odas bad boys for quarter", K-town man tok.

Agbor Balla, Human Rights Lawyer tell BBC News Pidgin more concerning dis Prime Minister e peace mission.

"Na beginning for process, e go bi na long process weh e go need for build trust, for tok for actors, and oda key pipo for prepare for shiddon tok or conference".

"Ah hope say dis taim dialogue go komot for heart and deh go bi ready for tok wit all de actors".

"Goment say deh no wan hear any tin secession but me ah don tok before and ah di tok again say deh go get for tok for all man weh e get role for play. For tok secession no mean say na for grant secession, dialogue na negotiation, give and take".

"Ah feel say need for pre-condition no dey, e for fain make deh shiddon for table", Agbor Balla add.

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