Gold mine: World Bank say Ghana na highest producer for Africa

Gold mine for Kano, Nigeria

Ghana don dust South Africa to become di largest producer of Gold for Africa, according to new World Bank report.

Di report tok say Ghana increase dia export by 15% from 2017 to export around 158 tons of gold for 2018. E also make Ghana di sixth largest producer of gold for di world.

Sudan follow after Ghana as di second largest producer as dem produce 12 tons of gold.

Franklin Cudjoe wey be founding president of IMANI Africa, wey be think tank wey dey Ghana say di news suppose excite Ghanaians if dem dey report di rent from gold without magomago because dem don dey wonder how dem dey ship di gold out of Ghana.

Image example Gold mine for Kano, Nigeria

"Di only way wey we fit feel di impact of dis tok na if we see increase for royalty and tax contributions to di state. Dem also gats rewrite some of the gold agreements so e go align with Ghana growth prospects."

Na South Africa dey lead before as dem dey produce around 139.3 tonnes but dem produce 119 for 2018. Experts say na because of di regulations wey dey di kontri around mining.

World Bank tok say di report fit help di kontri as some rural areas for four regions o di kontri don dey affected by environment gbege wey happen from mining.

Di World Bank approve $19 million last week as part of loan wey go support Ghana's Forest Investment programme.

Di programme go help reduce di way illegal mining dey affect di communities.

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