Joseph Assomo say na inside confusion army burn houses, spoil cargo for Alachu

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Image example One building dem destroy for Bamenda

Cameroon defence minister Joseph Beti Assomo say na inside confusion weh goment forces burn some houses, spoil cargo for Alachu -Bafut near Bamenda for Northwest region.

Some Alachu residents just now no get place for sleep, as army burn dia houses, destroy cargo afta deh kill two of dia colleagues.

Defence minister for e press release say separatist fighters kill two soldiers on Tuesday weh deh bin di patrol for motor-cycle for Alachu.

Intervention team go for de area quick-quick for lock and search but deh end up fight wit separatist fighters as deh try for run.

"As army follow de fighters deh meet some pipo weh deh no fit identify and weh deh bi violent, deh confuse for de mix-up and na den weh deh destroy cargo, burn houses." Defence Minister write.

For now e no bi clear how many houses burn, but residents say deh burn houses, clinic, church and motor dem.

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Defence boss say deh don open investigate who burn deh houses and destroy cargo for punish de pipo dem.

For de same taim defence boss say army go continue e mission for make sure say deh protect kontri, fight all kana terrorists.

"Population for de two regions weh make wuna collaborate wit security and defence forces weh dia work na for protect pipo and dia property," Beti Assomo tok.

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