Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6: Di 'Iron Thron' end as fans expect?

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Image example "Whatever stand for our way, we go defeat am"

Dis tori get spoilers to di final episode of Game of Thrones season 8.

Afta 8 seasons and 73 episodes, di fantasy series Game of Thrones don finally end and pipo wey no be fans go begin hear word.

But e no be everybody dis season finale sweet for belle as many don enta social media to say dem no like di ending.

Di last episode suppose reveal to viewers, who go siddon final final ontop di Iron Throne, to control di all di world (of that ancient time).

And e dey normal say fans go get pesin for mind, afta all dem don see thousands die ontop fight of who go be ogbonge ruler.

As of Friday May 17, one online petition for di show producers to do di final season eight again, bin get pass 500,000 votes. As of today, e don pass 1.5 million votes.

Game of Thrones end as fans expect?

Di mata, from wetin we gada ontop social media be say any fans feel say dem rush dis last season, including di last episode.

Image copyright HELEN SLOAN/HBO
Image example "Burn dem all"

Di tin enta di body of one popular Nigerian director and writer, Kemi Adetiba so tey, she enta Twitter to write anoda ending for di show.

Di multiple award winner director of The Wedding Party say di ending bad, no be small.

Di truth be say every time television series end, some fans go complain say dem no end am well. So dis vex for some GoT fans no be new tin.

And odas go like wetin dem see.

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