Dog rescue pikin wey dem bury alive for Thailand

Ping Pong the dog Image copyright Khaosod
Image example Di dog help raise alarm after im discover di pikin

One dog for northern Thailand don help rescue one newborn baby afta di pikin mama wey dem say be teenager, bury am alive.

Tori be say di mama abandon di baby boy to hide her belle from her parents.

Di dog wey im name na Ping Pong bin dey dig and bark for one field near Ban Nong Kham village as im notice say di baby leg dey show for ground.

Villagers quickly rush di baby go hospital wia doctors clean am up and declare say im still dey healthy.

Authorities for Thailand don charge di pikin mama wit child abandonment accuse and attempted murder.

Image copyright Khaosod
Image example Ping Pong dey disabled since motor jam am.

Panuwat Puttakam wey be police officer for Chum Phuang police station tell local tori pipo Bangkok Post say di mama now dey in di care of her parents and psychologist.

Im add say di girl regret her actions while di parents say dem don decide to raise di baby.

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