Malawi election: Albino killings, di president fake death and five more tins

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Image example The MCP is hoping to return to power

Nearly seven million Malawians go get di chance to vote for new president on Tuesday May 21 for one of di elections wey pipo no go know how e fit go for di kontri history.

Di polls don already open for different centres around di kontir and 6.8 million pipo don register to participate for di elections.

1. Di vice-president dey stand against di president

Di tok whether President Peter Mutharika dey kamkpe to run for anoda term don make am split wit him vice-president, Saulos Chilima.

Na Mr Mutharika pick Mr Chilima as him running mate for di last election for 2014. But a year ago, di president sister in-law, Callista Mutharika, suggest say di president wey be 78 years, dey too old to seek re-election and make he make way for him 46-year-old deputy.

Some ogbonge members of di governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) no like di idea at all.

Di party come split into two factions and eventually Mr Chilima go start UTM party, but remain di kontri vice-president.

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Image example President Peter Mutharika (right) is facing a stiff challenge from Lazarus Chakwera (left) and Saulos Chilima (centre)

E no dey clear if Ms Mutharika dey on good terms with her brother-in-law - as she no attend di unveiling of id statue of her late husband Bingu wa Mutharika. She dey run for parliament on behalf of di vice-president UTM party.

Many dey see Mr Chilima as man of di pipo and dem don accuse am of telling pipo wetin them wan hear. For example, as unemployment be major issue, he promise say he go create one million jobs for him first year of power.

He be di poster boy for the piop of Malawi wey want change.

Mr Chilima's relative youthfulness fit work to him advantage, as pipo between di ages of 18 and 34 make up 54% of registered voters.

2. Di vice-president wife rap for her husband

Mr Chilima's wife, Mary, become rapper so she fit win younger voters.

Inside music video, she dey rap, dance and dey use phrases wey dey familiar to young pipo.

She also front campaign adverts wey target female voters.

Who be di candidates?

Seven candidates go dey di ballot paper for di presidential election, but only three get realistic chance of winning:

  • Peter Mutharika - Democratic Progressive Party - current president wey dey run for second term
  • Lazarus Chakwera - Malawi Congress Party - dey hope to revive di fortunes of di former ruling party
  • Saulos Chilima - UTM Party - current vice-president wey dey run against him boss

3. Female presidential candidates no dey

Although women make up 56% of registered voters, no women among the candidates dey run for president.

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Image example Women make up more than half of the electorate but the next president will be another man

Former President Joyce Banda, wey lose to Mr Mutharika in 2014, withdraw from di race to support Lazarus Chakwera of di Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

Parliamentary and local council elections dey also happen and women dey run for here. More than 300 women dey try get seat for di 153-member national assembly. Hundreds more dey run for di local government polls.

4. Di party of independence dey try comeback

Na di MCP lead di kontri to independence for 1964 under Hastings Banda. After three decades of authoritarian rule, he lose di kontri's first multi-party election for 1994.

The party don undergo revival for recent years and now di MCP na serious challenger.

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Image example Vice-President Saulos Chilima is thought to be popular among the country's younger voters

E don overlook dia damage reputation and dem don say dis election na di party best chance of returning to power after 25 years out of state house.

Di candidate na Lazarus Chakwera, who do him first run for di presidency for 2014 when he carry second with 28% of di vote.

Region go be ogbonge factor for Malawian politics and di MCP get loyal base for di centre of di country. As he choose running mate from di south, he don be stronghold of di ruling party and Mr Chakwera go get votes from di DPP.

Him bid for state house don get major boost with di endorsement of Mrs Banda and her Peoples Party. He don also get backing from Freedom Party of former Vice-President Khumbo Kachali.

5. President deny rumours of him death

Just over a week before voting day, rumours start to dey fly say di President Mutharika dey seriously ill or he don die. Them stop for press release from him office wey tok say he dey cancel campaign rallies in order "to attend to other urgent matters".

Picture of a South African air ambulance, on top di runway for di kontri main airport, start to circulate on top social media, wey heighten di speculation.

But Mr Mutharika show face for di campaign trail two days later, and mock di opposition. He tok say instead of him to die, na di opposition leader wey go suffer political death by di election.

"Dis remeble dead man to una?" he asked him supporters.

Still, him campaigning no get drama but there accuse of electoral fraud, don fly between Mr Mutharika and Mr Chilima.

Tori of small incidents of violence don comot but generally campaigning don dey peaceful.

Second round no dey Malawi's presidential election - di candidate wey get di most votes go be di winner.

For di last election, Mr Mutharika win with 36.4% of di vote and sabi pipo tok say he fir benefit from di opposition wey no dey united.

6. Corruption accuse

Corruption don become major issue for di election and e fit cost Mr Mutharika di presidency.

Opposition dey argue say di high-level corruption don worse since he become president five years ago. Mr Mutharika himself enter alleged bribery scandal but di country's anti-corruption watchdog clear him name.

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Image example Officials at polling stations were preparing for the vote on Sunday

Nearly $4m (£3.1m) from businessman wey get gbege with Malawi police enter inside DPP bank account to which di president na di only sole signatory.

Mr Mutharika don deny any wrongdoing and he don return di money.

Agriculture na di main-main of Malawi economy and di goment don introduce farm-input subsidy programme wey go help poor farmers but di opposition parties say corruption don spoil di programme, e too cost, dem no manage am well and e no dey benefit di pipo wey dem make am for.

Dem tok say if dem elect dem, dem go stop di programme and replace it with universal subsidy system.

7. Murder of people wit albinism

Another issue wey don dominate di campaign na di attacks on pipo with albinism ahead of di vote.

Pipo for presidential circles dey worry say di issue fit damage di DPP's chances.

UN report suggest say di attacks and killings of people with albinism dey increase during election periods "because of fake beliefs say dia body parts fit bring good luck and political power when dem use am for witchcraft rituals".

Recently, one key suspect for di abduction of person with albinism die for police custody.

One autopsy reveal say dem electrocute am, and some Malawians start to dey fear say powerful people dey behind di attacks.

Opposition parties don accuse di Mutharika administration say dem no dey do enough to stop di attacks.

Di president tok say na lie and him don appoint commission to investigate di killings.

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