Cameroon National Day no get value wit Anglophone crisis - Prof. Fanso Verkijika

Cameroon President Paul Biya don rule since 6 November 1982. Image copyright Paul Biya
Image example Cameroon President Paul Biya don rule since 6 November 1982 and for some years di Anglophone regions dey complain say dem no dey see beta and dem wan break away to form anoda kontri dem call Ambazonia.

Cameroon di celebrate number 47 national day wit de theme, "unity for variety na major advantage for Cameroonian pipo weh deh get strong mind for go before wit dia development".

Dis day mark de day weh kontri pipo bin vote for abandon federal state and beginning for unitary state for number 20 day for May, 1972.

Cameroon di celebrate wen some pipo for Southern Cameroons wan komot for dis union for create dia own kontri.

Even today as celebrations di go on for Yaoundé wit President Biya for May 20 Avenue, for some parts for Anglophone regions, na shooting and fight between goment forces and separatists start de day.

Na for dis context for crisis, separation weh Professor Verkijika, Historian, lecturer for University of Yaoundé 1, don tok say dis national day for Cameroon no di still exist for e real sense.

Verkijika waka down history road wen French Cameroon bin get e independence for Number 1 day for January 1960 and former British Cameroon join French Cameroon for federal kontri for number 1, day for October 1961.

Deb under President Amadou Ahidjo, Kontri pipo dem vote for number 20 day for May 1972, deh choose unitary state abandon federal state. Na so dey start celebrate dis day as national day and name become United Republic of Cameroon.

"But, President Biya for 1984 change de name from United Republic of Cameroon to Republic of Cameroon, so na dis day Cameroon suppose for celebrate as de day stop for exist for real sense", Verkijika argue.

Wit weti wey e happen for Northwest and Southwest regions celebration for national day no get value again, Verkijika tok.

if deh wan celebrate need no bi for involve Northwest and Southwest regions or former West Cameroon.

Prof. Aboya Manasse for e side check say de national day get e place and deh no fit avoid'am because na Cameroon history and reason dey for celebrate. E di show wusai Cameroon komot and how kontri pipo fit work togeda for build correct future.

Cameroon di celebrate national day for taim weh President Biya don di use social media for preach forgiveness and national unity. Prime Minister go Northwest and Southwest wit peace plant, di show say goment wan peace.

But for Verkijika say, "goment no fit dis tok, peace, forgiveness but di kill pipo for de same taim".

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